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How it works

  • Consultation

    The first stage is to find out how we can help you. We can do this in-person at your office, on the phone or via Zoom. This is really crucial and allows us to mutually decide on objectives and targets.

  • Diagnostic

    The next phase is our deep-dive questionnaire which gives us quantitative data. We use this to find out the engagement issues being faced and to dig down to find the route cause of them. This needs to be conducted with senior HR managers and/or CEO/MD.

  • Staff survey

    The next phase we aim for is our anonymous staff survey. This gives us qualitative and subjective data to work with and helps to give a clearer picture of staff engagement and company perception.

  • On-site assessment

    We conduct an on-site assessment of facilities, to look at factors such as office layout, lighting and space. This allows us to evaluate the current environment alongside seeing both opportunities and limitations of potential wellbeing programmes.

  • Analysis

    Once we have collected and collated all the data, we analyse it to create a snapshot of current issues and wellbeing strategies; then compare the two to create a wellbeing score. We then develop a bespoke plan for recommended strategies.

  • Report of Findings

    Our report of findings is delivered to you and is followed up with a strategy meeting. This again can be on-site or via phone or Zoom. We give you our expert recommendations of the most cost-effective and highest-yielding strategies to improve employee engagement and productivity. We will also provide you with a breakdown of cost, for if you were to engage us to oversee implementation of any recommended services.

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