Corporate Wellness Services

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These include or own in-house team of experts alongside our select list of trusted partners

Seminars/Lunch and Learns

Bring in one of our expert speakers to educate your staff on one of the three key pillars of staff wellbeing. This ranges from musculoskeletal health and looking after your back at work, to nutritional health and choosing the right food.

Health and Performance Offsite

Take your team offsite to one of our partner locations for an educational and healthy team-building day. These are tailored to your specific needs but usually encompass physical, mental and nutritional health.

On-Site Classes

Remove barriers to staff health by bringing classes into the office. Our expert teachers can design classes that work with whatever space you have in a minimally disruptive manner.

Executive Health

Keep you Executive team firing on all cylinders with our Executive health package. We use the latest in physical and nutritional testing and deliver bespoke coaching for their specific needs.

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