Health and Performance Offsite

A three-hour workshop of strategies on physical, mental and nutritional health for city workers.

A practical session designed to give participants strategies that can be used straight away to improve all areas of their health in the workplace.

Benefits for your staff

  • Improve staff health and performance

    The combined theoretical and practical elements of the workshop give staff simple, usable and effective strategies to instantly improve their health and performance in and out of the workplace

  • Team building

    Learning, exercising and eating together are great ways to bring your teams closer. Our approach to learning is fun rather than stuffy so teams come away with new skills and a smile on their faces

  • Usuable information not information overload

    There can be a lot of “noise” in the corporate health and wellness sphere, so our aim is to ensure we filter the jargon and pass on just the key strategies and skills

What the workshop covers

  • Physical Health

    Theoretical and Practical approach to physical wellbeing including: posture, mobility and cardio

  • Mental Wellbeing

    Strategies for improving mental wellbeing, stress resilience and cognitive ability in the workplace

  • Nutritional Health

    Applicable nutritional knowledge and a nutritious lunch to end the session

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