Optimising Senior Execs: Our top 3 data tools for success

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At Tailored Fit we’re all about the data, from the big stuff (such as absenteeism and employee engagement scores) to the very granular stuff.

When working with senior executives we like to utilise technology to gather as much useful data as possible. We do this for two key reasons; for informed decision-making and data-driven behavioural change. Having data in black and white (or pretty colourful graphs) allows us to make educated decisions and also increases the likelihood of executives successfully making and adhering to the necessary lifestyle changes that boost their health and performance.

So today we are going to look at our three favourite assessment methods and show how they can boost the health and performance of your staff….

1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The first is a tool we mentioned in more detail back in a previous article. HRV monitors devices are worn continuously for at least 24 hours (we generally do 72 hours). They offer a detailed insight into stress levels throughout the day, sleep quantity and quality, beneficial and detrimental activities and look at whether current exercise habits are helping or hindering performance.

We love this tool as it enables us to get a true baseline of stress and recovery for executives. We can see what factors, in both their work and home life, are causing stress and performance reduction, and also the activities that allow them to recover, recharge and boost performance.

2. Metabolic Profiling

The second assessment we regularly use is metabolic profiling, which is conducted as both an active and resting assessment. Resting metabolic profiling looks at the calorie burn at rest and analyses what food groups are fuelling this. Active metabolic profiling takes participants through their range of cardiovascular ability and looks at their fitness and physical resilience as well as seeing what fuel is being utilised at varying levels.

This is an ideal tool for executives as we are able to spot whether their metabolism is underperforming as well as looking at their ability to cope with physical stressors. This facilitates us in recommending bespoke training programmes designed to improve their health without unnecessary stress to their system. We can also make specific nutritional recommendations, knowing what foods will best fuel their mental and physical performance.

3. DEXA Scanning

If you want a true measure of body composition (muscle vs fat) DEXA is the gold standard and when we want to see the current physical state of our clients it is our go-to measure. It uses a low frequency x-ray and takes less than 5 minutes, so is minimally disruptive. The result is an incredibly detailed analysis of body mass including difficult to measure visceral fat.

Not only does this tool help to track health markers over time and highlight risk areas, it also serves as a powerful trigger for behavioural change and health-promoting habit forming. There’s nothing like seeing your body fat measured to the gram on a colour printout to connect the dots between your health and your energy at work.

Want to find out more about how we can implement these tools to give your executive committee and senior staff a huge performance boost? Get in touch now for a free consultation.