Seminars/Lunch and Learns

Bring in one of our expert speakers to educate your staff on one of the three key pillars of staff wellbeing

This ranges from musculoskeletal health and looking after your back at work, to nutritional health and choosing the right food. We can also cater these with great healthy food options to make it easier (and more enticing) for staff to attend.

Sample Topics

  • The Three Pillars of Health in the Workplace

    This interactive workshop covers physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing in the workplace. It will give staff usable strategies on how to improve and maintain these three key areas. This is ideally run as a 2 hour workshop with a catered lunch break in the middle.

  • Desk-proof body

    This workshop is designed to educate staff on the importance of looking after their physical health. It combines theory with some light movement to give staff the why’s and how’s of looking after their bodies.

  • Stress Buster

    Using data gathered from our executive wellness programme, this seminar educates staff on how to help tackle stress and improve resilience.

  • Eat your way to the top

    This hands on nutritional workshop teaches staff what foods are best for them, how to eat the right amount and even where to get a great healthy lunch at work.

  • Many more...

    We work with a variety of expert partners who can deliver workshops on subjects including leaderships training, negotiation, communication strategies, soft skills and financial wellness.

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